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Hopefully I can keep this page updated and give you some tips and activities to help you occupy your child in the holiday's for little cost and show you how your child will develope from these activities.








Roadway and maps
Encourage your child to hold two pens in one hand between their fingers, on a large roll of old wallpaper, get them to draw  a track. They can add bricks to build a town, silver foil makes a good duck pond. Use people and cars. They make a city or the country.




Physical- using fine manipulative movements to move a pencil or crayon to draw  the track. Pushing a car or train uses the tripod grip, which aids writing.

Intelectual - Thinking of a story and the characters and using their imagination, connecting this to where they have been themselves in a car or train.

Language - Learning the names of characters, new words and telling a story.

Emotional - Acting out how their own feels, expressing themselves through their play.

Social - Interacting with you and their families - QUALITY TIME....


This activity has so many possibilities it is endless, all from a roll of wall paper!!!!



Are there any single parents out there that are interested in joining a Social Club for single people. We are for people aged 35 plus and we meet on the last Wednesday of the Month at the Haywain, Basildon.

We are FREE for the first month and £20 a year thereafter, this entitles you to a monthly book, containing lots of events throughout each month e.g Dances, Quiz nights, 10 pin bowling, Meals out, Theatre, Rambles, Tribute Acts and much much more.

If you are interested please phone

07902 252758


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